The Easier Way to Receive Payments

Pooler is the all-in-one suite of products that can make your customers excited to pay you via bank transfers.

Experience world-class Banking-as-a-service

You worked hard to get customers; collecting payments should be easy.

There’s more for your business with Pooler

Pooler Wallet

Wallet account for your customer

Provide digital wallet accounts for your customers, with which they can make payments, fund and reserve balances for future purchases, withdraw funds, and make peer-to-peer transfers.

Convenient withdrawals

Payouts & Transfers

Facilitate seamless and secure transfers from your customer’s virtual wallet and virtual accounts to different banks, ensuring fast and convenient movement of funds.

Virtual account

Modern digital payment

Create and manage free and unique virtual accounts for your customers, enhancing transaction security and providing a clear view of their financial activities.


Smart collection for smart businesses

Easily and efficiently collect payments from your customers, simplifying the payment process.

Pooler was built for everyone

Explore how your business can benefit from Pooler's services.

Digital businesses
Non-digital businesses
Digital businesses
Are you offering your products and services through a digital channel? Deliver a more reliable payment experience using Pooler.

Agency Banking

Food delivery mobile app

Savings mobile app

Effortlessly integrate in no time at all.

Cut down on integration time. With Pooler, you just sign up and immediately get access to your test environment.

Uptime Guaranteed

Dedicated customer support for all your concerns.

We have a dedicated team of support managers that are on standby to communicate with you at all times.


Built with empathy for developers.

  Powerful and flexible APIs

  Well-crafted documentation

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How to get started

Sign up
Fill out the short form to create a merchant account. You’ll gain access to the test environment to start exploring the system.
Submit KYC
Complete and submit the KYC form for review. Our compliance team will inform you of the outcome within the shortest possible time.
Start receiving payments
Once your KYC process is approved, go live with a click of a button and start accepting payments seamlessly with Pooler.